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Sexual predators: Prevent them from celebrating with you even when they sing your favorite song

MVP’s Pre-K celebration turned out to be a Trigger

This week, our family supported Middle Vante Princess at her Pre-K’s “Step-Up” celebration.  The young girls wore white dresses. Young boys wore black pants and white shirts. All adults dressed in “Sunday’s Best”as they watched their children present short speeches, and sing and dance along to the lyrics of a known sexual predator. Why are you,  influencers,  turning a blind eye from sexual predators? Why? This musician is a known sex offender  yet he is always celebrating with our family, especially our children. They sang their hearts out to, “World’s greatest” and apart of me was sad. Their innocence proves how much work needs to be done to preserve their innocence and protect their childhood.

Sexual Predators should not celebrate with our children

Stepping out of Pre-K and into Kindergarten requires help from both parents and teachers. But, I saw a tradition in practice. This is why I don’t trust folks in authority, or positions to be influencers.  Today was an example of influencers, Pre-K teachers, allowing a sexual predator to celebrate with my child. Why, in 2017, are you all giving them a pass? He was not there physically but he was there by way of his music. There are so many great musicians in this world, who make inspiring music and of all of those musicians – they chose him. They taught my child and others the lyrics to the song, written and performed by a man who exploits children.

Other people have influence over your children

This is the first time my child was introduced to this musician. I do not support any of him in any capacity. Him and his  music are a package deal. Therefore, if the musical selection was to be chosen by me – I would have been listening to something different. Since I don’t home school, I rely on my tribe extensions and the “World’s greatest” shouldn’t have been an option.

When you know better, you should do better

There are a lot of things I don’t know about a lot of people. There are a lot of predators who I don’t know are predators. But, when I know you are a predator there is no way I am going to close an eye to you while I live with extensions of you in other capacities. As an adult, if you still love to be entertained by sexual predators, that’s your business. Just don’t think I am ok with you exploring that with or around my children.

Your Silence is not OK

Silence can be intentionally or inadvertently harmful, to yourself and others. Are you silent from fear? Or, does your silence scream, “IDGAF”!?

Sexual Predators may be people we don’t know, most times we do know and vary in ages, genders; different religious and socioeconomic groups

There is no separation between the Rich & Famous sexual offenders and the sexual offender and with 9-5’s. He/She  be a family member, friend or apart I find your local church. They all have the same intention, they just have different tactics in which they violate their victims.
This is MVP.  She is 5 years old and one day she will be a teenager. MVP is at an age now to fall victim to abuse. If not now, it could happen by the age of 18 years old. But, I am trying my damnedest not to let that happen; not to her, Senior Hija or JV. As their mother, as a woman, and wife, it is my responsibility to do right by them.  It starts with us, her Dad and I. We are the front line and will continue to keep our children safe, the best way we know how to. The rest of the tribe, who are influencers as well, are next in line to do the same. If you aren’t apart of the solution, you are apart of the problem.

Let us review what triggered this post

Lots of great musicians write inspirational music. A musician who writes inspirational music, was present by way of his music at my daughter’s ceremony. He is a known sexual predator. The influencers of my daughter’s pre-k experience should make better choices about outside influences going forward. Some influencers mean well, but will never do a good job with my child as I do. Children should be our priority to protect first. Even at the expense of family ties and friendships. I don’t home school my child, nor can I afford private school to “call the shots’, but I expect anyone involved in her life to hyper vigilant.

What can you do better to prevent sexual predators from peeking in your window?

Make an honest assessment. Be open to change and don’t be afraid. When you find a teaching moment, will you explore opportunities for improvement or will you be silent? Have you made an assessment, found teaching moments and don’t know how to make the first step? I understand and I can help you. Leave a comment, email me or connect with me via social media. I have Growth, because I parent with Colorful Tribes, Lattes & Wines. So can you.