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Do not ignore these symptoms of a Complex Migraine

I spent today at both Urgent Care then the Emergency Department

After one hour in the bed, I realized I was not getting better. I was thinking there was a sinus infection brewing after the Google MD told me so.  But, the medical doctor did one better and diagnosed me with a complex migraine with aura. I realized the ‘Aura’ was spreading far and wide and the numbness and tingling were not going anywhere. Yep, that’s what nurses do – we ignore symptoms even though we know we are having them. So, I went to Urgent Care. Vital Signs normal. Ekg looked great. But, after being told that my Google MD diagnosis of Sinusitis would not cause left arm numbness and tingling – I was off to the Emergency room for a CT of the Head.

Delaying Self Care

Kindergarten blues has been the epitome of all illnesses in this home. MVP (Middle Vante Princess) comes home with every bug there is to name. Thanks to her, my 9-month-old son has been sick right along with her. Then there is me. So, On Thursday when I started feeling cruddy, I chucked it up to contamination from the kindergarten child.

Yesterday, I found myself unable to manage my son who is 9 months old. The department was able to flex me off from work today, Saturday, one of two days I work every week. I am an ICU nurse. Working 12 hours with a throbbing headache, stiff neck and just feeling down in the dumps was not a good idea.

Around noon I start getting the kids ready, so we could get them out the house. I was attempting to rest to prepare for work tomorrow, Sunday. As I make my way back home, I stop to buy some over the counter medication to ‘help’ this ‘sinus infection. The kind of medicine you have to show your state license to obtain from Pharmacy.

Having a Complex Migraine with Aura

On my way to the Emergency Department, I remember feeling nervous but definitely too impaired to really be concerned about what was really happening. I remember my equilibrium being off but not due to meds, rather this migraine which I started to think was a mini-stroke. Confusion and lack of focus were most concerning.  Having an outer body experience is cruel when you are not feeling well. This is called an Aura and I am still experiencing an Aura. The Aura is not gone but, I feel a lot better. After two negative CT scans, stroke has been ruled out. I have been treated for a Complex Migraine and need to follow up with the neurologist. Complex Migraines are also known as a migraine with Aura.

The symptoms I had were: Numbness, Tingling, a pressure to the left side of the face and left arm. But there are more symptoms. Apparently, anything can trigger this Complex Migraine!!! I have lots of reading and self-care to do.  Please watch the short YouTube Video below. David Dodick, M.D., neurologist, Mayo Clinic in Arizona, explains the symptoms, triggers, and treatment for complex migraines.

What is your experience with a Migraine & what remedies work for you?

Resources I found helpful about Complex Migraines

When Complex Migraines Strikes It Can Feel Like A Stroke

Dr. David Dodick, Neurologist, Mayo Clinic in Arizona





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